Mantura Paita


In today’s World, when life is very busy fulfilling our day to day requirements, it’s practically difficult to search Puja Store to find a Paita (Thread), go to a Temple, find a Brahimn who is expert in making Paita, do the rituals to convert it into Mantura Paita (Sacred Thread). We spend both Money and Time for the same.
For saving your Valuable Time & Money we have taken an innovative step to fulfil your Paita Requirements. Just Order a Mantura Paita (Sacred Thread) from us, Call or Mail us the following requirements along with your Order Number and we will deliver it to your door step.


Please Call us or whatsapp on +91 9265888963 / 7800598712 or Mail us in the below Requirements with your Order Number

Father’s Name:
Father alive or no:

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